Wheel Clamping Banned in Western Australia

02 December 2020

It's official - our ban on wheel clamping in Western Australia will take effect on Monday 14 December!

This delivers on our commitment to outlaw the practice and will make the use of wheel clamping on private property a $5,000 offence from Monday 14th December.

I've heard so many horror stories from locals over the years of their terrible wheel clamping experiences and being forced to pay expensive on-the-spot charges to have their cars released by wheel clampers. There are better ways to regulate parking on private property than wheel-clamping, which immobilises a vehicle in a parking bay and has generated widespread community concern.

These new laws balance the needs of private businesses, customers visiting local shops, and guests to apartment buildings and houses.  

Under the new laws, wheel clamping - and other forms of vehicle immobilisation – can no longer be used to control private parking in WA. Managers of private car parks can control parking through infrastructure, ticketing, signage and enforcement through local parking agreements with local governments. Towing of unauthorised vehicles will be used as a last resort. 

This important ban will put a stop to the unfair punishment of clamping and replace it with a framework that is fair for all Western Australians. Thank you to the City of Stirling and Mark Irwin Mayor for leading the charge on the ban.

Western Australian families can now enjoy the festive season and not need to worry about returning to find their cars clamped!