Roselea & Princeton Urban Stream

24 November 2020

I have been working with local residents to improve the Roselea Lake and the drain along Honeymyrtle Turn and Veronica Parkway that feeds it.

The drain is set for a major transformation with a combination of urban stream and underground piping to replace the current open drain.

The urban stream and piped area will include planting of local native trees and shrubs which will improve water quality flowing in to Roselea Lake and on to the Princeton Estate as well as provide a habitat for wildlife.

This upgrade will also greatly improve the outlook for the community and provide better access to the playing fields at Grindleford Reserve.

The project will also help with stabilising the road subsidence along Honeymyrtle Turn and Veronica Parkway.

This design comes after extensive consultation with the Roselea Community Liaison Group and is a fantastic outcome for local residents.

For more than ten years I have been working to improve the lakes in Roselea and Princeton, first as a Councillor and since 2017 as the local member.

If you would like to view the full designs, email [email protected] or drop in to my office at 3/36 Cedric Street in Stirling.