November Mobile Offices

November Mobile Offices Main Image

02 November 2019

As your Local Member of State Parliament I want to work hard, be proactive and available to you. I strive to be a strong advocate for your and our community every day.

I open my office outside of business hours and take my mobile office to local parks to hear from you. I want to know what you think about we are going and what more I could be doing to help you. 

If you have some time to spare come along to one of the following events - no appointment needed!

Thursday 7th November, 4pm
Eglinton Aintree Reserve (Nimrod Street)

Thursday 7th November, 4:45pm 
Rickman Delawney Reserve (Rickman Street)

Thursday 7th November,   5:30pm
Cape/Hutton Close (David Close)

Friday 8th November, 3:45pm
Robinson Reserve (Park/Eldorado Streets)

Friday 8th November, 4:30pm
Rosella/Rufous Reserve (Rosella Street)

Saturday 9th November, 10am
Rannoch Reserve (near Blissett Way)

Saturday 9th November, 10:45am 
Albert James Park (Short Street)

Saturday 9th November, 11:30am
Conway Reserve (Harrison Street)