Ending Wheel Clamping

Ending Wheel Clamping Main Image

18 February 2020

The McGowan Government has announced our plan to ban wheel clamping across Balcatta and WA.

Legislation is currently being drafted which will protect the rights of land owners and small businesses, but also set out rights and responsibilities to ensure vehicle owners are being treated fairly and lawfully.

A comprehensive framework will be developed to regulate the steps taken before a vehicle parked on private property can be removed, but will still ensure business owners have appropriate turnover of parking bays required for customers.

This means you will be able to park in popular spots, such as the shops or the beach, without fear of your vehicle being clamped.

Many Balcatta residents have shared their concerns about unfair wheel clamping practices and I am proud that the McGowan Government has listened to the community and is stamping out this disgraceful practice.